About Unit

About Unit

Diaspora is an extremely important promoter of BiH values in the world, but also a significant factor of economic development of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Opportunities for the greater contribution of diaspora to development of our country lie in investments, business and entrepreneurship development, and the transfer of new knowledge and technologies.
Recognizing the importance and huge potential of BiH diaspora, Sarajevo Regional Development Agency SERDA has established the Unit for Economic Cooperation with Diaspora with the aim of providing adequate support to potential investors in Bosnia and Herzegovina.


Unit for Economic Cooperation with Diaspora SERDA is a key partner in supporting investors and BiH business diaspora in the process of investing and establishing companies in Bosnia and Herzegovina.


Establishing sustainable model for economic intermediation between BiH diaspora and local stakeholders to attract investment and implement development projects that will contribute to the growth of economy in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

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If you are member of the BiH diaspora, register yourself and become a member of our community. Be active and participate in the promotion and development of Bosnia and Herzegovina and make your country a regional hub of ideas and innovations.